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FINANCIAL INSIDER NETWORK® Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What legal benefits are available to me as a member of Financial Insider Network?
You and any adult family member living in your household are entitled to the following legal benefits:

Legal Support - over the phone as often as you like. We provide access to a group of network attorneys in your area. You will receive a 30 minute personal consulation at no charge. If you require further legal representation, you will receive 25% off from local attorneys in-network.
Simple Will preparation - create your Simple Will online at no extra charge.
25% off in network attorney rates - potentially saving you hundreds of dollars.
Online financial and legal resource center - available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q. How do I speak to an attorney?
Simply call 1-800-683-0457 to be put in contact with an in-network attorney in your area who you can engage to assist with your legal needs.

Q. What if I can't resolve the matter over the telephone?
If you have already received your first 30 minutes of personal consultation with an attorney at no extra charge and your legal matter has not been resolved, as a member, you will receive 25% off our in-network attorneys legal fees if legal representation is needed.

Q. What qualifications do the attorneys have?
Our nationwide network of attorneys are under contract to provide members with superior service. Each of the attorneys is carefully screened and must have the following:

License to practice within the state at the highest level of independent license granted by the appropriate state licensing board
Three years' post-graduate experience
Malpractice insurance
Certification or advanced education in any specialization area


Q. What is a credit bureau?
A Credit bureau is a company that collects information about a consumers' credit. Credit bureaus collect your credit information from banks, savings and loans, credit unions, finance companies and retailers. The information contained in your credit report may be used by financial institutions to make lending decisions.   

Q. What is in a credit report?
Your credit report details your payment history and outstanding balances for loans such as mortgage and credit cards. Your credit report also includes your personal information such as name, address, Social Security number and date of birth as well as public record data such as bankrupticies and judgements. Liens and employment history may also be included.

Q.  Why should I check my credit report?
You should check your credit report periodically to obtain information regarding your credit standing, which is important when trying to obtain favorable rates for a mortgage or other loans.  Also, checking your credit report regularly will enable you to help guard against identity theft.

Q.  What is a credit score?
A credit score, calculated from variables in your credit report and other factors determined by the lending institution, is a rating tool used by lenders to gauge an individual's creditworthiness.

Credit scores range from 350 to 850 – a higher number represents a stronger financial position.

Q. How is a credit score determined?
Credit scores are determined and calculated from such information in your credit file as total debt, types of accounts, number of late payments, age of accounts, and number of inquiries.

Q. How does my credit score affect me?
Lenders consider your credit score in deciding whether or not to extend you credit.  It is in your best interest to keep your credit as strong as possible so that you can secure favorable rates and terms. 

Q. How long do details stay on my credit report?
For open accounts the positive information stays on a report for up to 10 years.  Most negative information remains up to seven years and bankruptcies remain up to ten years.  For closed accounts, information remains up to seven years.  Inquiries stay on for up to two years. 

Q. What are inquiries?
Inquiries list companies that have requested your credit file within the past two years.  Companies that inquire for marketing purposes do not affect your credit rating.

Q. Will using this service count as an inquiry?
No, you are not applying for credit.  However, when you request your credit report, you will be able to see an inquiry showing you requested your credit report.  This is what is called a "below the line inquiry".

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