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Protecting your assets isn't as easy as it used to be. New tax laws, new bankruptcy provisions and a surge in identity theft are making it harder for average Americans, like you, to protect your financial future. And you don't want to pay high priced lawyers or accountants to
help you make the right decisions.
It doesn't have to be so complicated or expensive. As a member of FINANCIAL INSIDER NETWORK® you'll receive:
Unlimited access to a network of attorneys should the need arise for assistance on legal matters.
Unlimited toll-free assistance to support and assist in your tax preparation to ensure your taxes are fair and accurate.
Discounts of 25% on legal fees from attorneys in the network and $20 rebate check when the member uses any type of service or software to help with their tax preparation.
bullets Access to the Financial and Legal Resource Center for around-the-clock answers
bullets Create a Simple Will online
bullets Ability to request an Experian credit report
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We have assisted our members with divorces, medical disputes, IRS and tax matters, real estate concerns and more.

Access to our certified attorneys means you can save big from the average hourly rate of $200 or more for a typical attorney. As a member, you will receive 25% off legal fees by using a local attorney in the network.*

*Florida Bar's 2010 Survey.

As a member of Financial Insider Network, you may receive up to $20 savings off online or in person services and tax preparation software.

After your taxes have been prepared by a local tax preparer and you have paid for the tax preparation services in full, or after purchasing your own tax software, please send us a copy of the receipt and your mailing address to the following:



Intersections Insurance Services Inc.
Attn: Preferred Home Network Customer Service
315 W. University Avenue
Arlington Heights, IL 60004




1-312-705-6345  Include your name, addr ess and Membership ID number.

Once we have received a copy of your receipt, it will be reviewed for approval. If approved, a check in the amount of up to $20 will be processed and mailed to you.

Let's Get Started using our Financial and Legal Resource Center